the role of the Facilitator

A facilitator can bring significant value to a company by improving internal processes, optimizing communication, and promoting collaboration between different departments and employees. Here are some key benefits of having a facilitator for companies:

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Vanessa Grasso

Head of Procurement, Belfius

The Facilitator

  1. Improved Internal Processes: A facilitator can help companies identify and improve inefficient processes, increasing efficiency and productivity.
  2. Optimized Communication: A facilitator can improve communication between departments and employees, reducing conflicts and enhancing decision-making.
  3. Promotion of Collaboration: A facilitator can encourage employees to work together and share ideas towards common goals, strengthening team cohesion and improving company outcomes.
  4. Problem Resolution: A facilitator can help companies identify and efficiently resolve problems, saving time and money.

Design Thinking method

Collectiv intelligence


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